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Mollbrinks Art Gallery established in 1957
Lars Mollbrink
Lars Mollbrink established the company Mollbrinks Konsthandel in 1957, a family business now in its third generation.

Mollbrinks presents Swedish and international Scandinavian fine art ranging from the 19th century to contemporary. We exhibit paintings by among others Anders Zorn as well as sculptures, prints and photographs. Individual exhibitions with various artists are held regularly.

We are specialized in Anders Zorn's etchings

How it all began
Lars Mollbrink moved to Uppsala in the early 1950s and was employed by a company which organized art exhibitions in different cities around Sweden. He liked it and decided to continue in the profession. In 1957 he left his previous employment and started his own company with the name Mollbrinks Konsthandel and continued with touring exhibitions. The audience looked forward to these and to meet the demand the company expanded. Lars hired salespeople and the company could arrange exhibitions simultaneously in six different Swedish cities. During the summer most exhibitions where placed mainly to tourist resorts on the Swedish west coast. It was during one of these exhibitions Lars found the small municipality Kungshamn, previously named Gravarne, since then the gallery has exhibited there every summer.

In 1974 Mollbrinks opened its first permanent gallery. It was located in Uppsala and this meant that most of the touring exhibitions ended and instead Mollbrinks stared to participate in Art- and Antiquefairs. On most major art and antique fairs in Sweden the company is represented with a booth that displays an exclusive selection of art, mostly by Swedish artists but also by international artists. When Mollbrinks opened the gallery in Uppsala Lars gradually ceased with his own travel and instead decided to work in the gallery, which he did until his retirement in 2012.
In the early 1970s, Lars son Jan Mollbrink started to work for the company and he is now the director for the gallery. In the company are also Titti Sköld, Johan Wijkström Hauffman and Tommy Oppenheimer working. In the year 2004 it was 30 year anniversary for our premises on Kungsgatan in Uppsala. It was celebrated with a popular exhibition of the world famous Spanish painter Salvador Dalí.

Member of the
Confédération Internationale des
Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art
Lars Mollbrink
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Jan Mollbrink

Titti Sköld


Johan Wijkström Hauffman
Head of international sales
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Tommy Oppenheimer


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