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Frank Björklund - Surreal Paintings

Frank Björklund (b. 1960)
We regularly present paintings by the Swedish surrealistic artist Frank Björklund.

oil on canvas, 80x70 cm

Welcome to Frank's World!
Here is everything that appears to be something, probably something else. But on the contrary, what looks to be something else probably is not that. In Frank's world does not everyday physics which we have become accustomed to apply. Here would Archimedes have been left in the bath, and the apple would never have fallen into Newton's head. In this surrealistic world of Frank Björklund Einstein only occasionally visits. Sometimes - When Frank lets him in!

Welcome to and enjoy the wonderful surrealistic world of Frank Björklund.

”Remember when you still saw cloud figures in the sky? I haven´t stopped doing that. I can admit that is more academic now a days, the pro in me takes control, but never the less. I like the meta worlds and sub context. Where you can twist images and create a new world, an inner landscape, made by your references and memories. I will provide you with the ticket to these inner landscapes. The title of the painting is a direction, how far you want to, is all up to you.

I´m not so interested in answers, more questions like –Why? To Reflect. I use allegories, like the old masters, to give points, clues, to solve the mystery. Butterflies, birds, books and wine. They have all a meaning. Red is not just a color, it´s blood, love, heart and wine.

I hope you are ready to look up in the sky again.

Here are some images that will, hopefully, please your eye and mind”
Frank Björklund

"Rush Hours"
Oil on canvas, 90x125 cm

Following story is a way of describing surrealism.

“Two philosophers meet in the square.

- Hey Plato, I got a riddle for you.
- Hallo Soc, OK let´s hear it.

Plato: What is the object “X” that has the properties of greenness,
wall-suspension and whistling capability?

Soc: I can´t think of anything that fits that description.

Plato: A herring.

Soc: A herring doesn´t have greenness.

Plato: Not as an essential property, Soc. But a herring could be accidentally green. Try painting it.

Soc: But a herring doesn´t have wall-suspension.

Plato: Try nailing it to the wall, You´ll see.

Soc: Okay, but a herring doesn´t whistle.

Plato: No, you´re right. A herring doesn´t whistle.”

"The crossing"
oil on canvas, 60x60 cm

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"Disturbing the circles"
Oil on canvas, 80x60 cm