Mollbrink's Art Gallery
Uppsala | Kungshamn

Salvador Dali exhibition summer 2017

8 July - 5 August

mollbrinks_Dali_NobilityofTimeLugano_IAR600_S866.jpg "Nobility of Time"
Bronz, monumental size of 490 cm, editon 8.
This sculpture will be placed outdoor in central Kungshamn.
Photo ©Iar Art Resources

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During 2017 Mollbrink’s celebrating its 60th year anniversary. We are celebrating this with a major exhibition with the world well known artist Salvador Dalí.

Most people may know Salvador Dalí’s paintings, but few knows that Dalí executed many different sculptures. This summer we’ll exhibit 30 of this amazing sculptures. His paintings can sometimes be perceived as scary and sometimes even awkward or unpleasant as there are motifs with elements that we only experience in our worst nightmares.

The sculptures show another side of Dalí, the sculptures are naturally still very surreal but at the same time often very beautiful. Filled with symbols that help us to figure out the artwork and perhaps give us the key to its message.

Welcome to an exciting exhibition where, in addition to sculptures, we will also show prints, some clips from his movies and his books. For example, you will be able to view elements from the film “An Andalusian Dog” as well as the opportunity to browse the cookbook, “Les diners de Gala", Dalí made to his wife Gala.

Salvador Dalí


Arranged in cooperation with
Sotenäs Municipality

Download the exhibition catalogue HERE (25 mb). Text in English and Swedish