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About Zorn prints

About Anders Zorn prints
Zorn was recognized early as one of Sweden's foremost artists. No techniques was alien to him, he worked just as well with water colors as in oil. Although the etching technique came to attract him and the etchings was a major contribution to his success. With Rembrandt as a role model, he developed a technique where he dashes with bursts to build up the motif. The first etching was created in London in 1883. Axel Herman Hägg, then based in London, was Zorn's teacher in this technique. Zorn quickly learned the technique and a united expertise could soon find that Rembrandt now had got his equal.

Zorn executed 289 different motifs (etchings)
The breakdown is as follows:

168 portrait studies
42 genre studies
79 nude studies

These are divided in a five-scale breakdown based on availability:

Extremely rare
Very rare
Not rare

"Turkish Lady with slave"
10,6x18,7 cm, ZG 26 Rarity
Executed in Paris during Zorn's honeymoon 1886

Specialist - Anders Zorn
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